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Oh Snap!!

Some of you may know that I'm trying to put together a sewing blog. The key word here is TRYING!! I've been researching, following other blogs, trying to sew and photograph (which is another challenge all in itself). So, what better a way to learn about blogging than to attend a creative blogging and social media conference.


I wanna be a cowboy

and a cowgirl.....

giving Abby some love too!!

He was trying....

Addison sat down & I got this shot

then Jacob wanted to sit and get a picture with his hand under his chin - too funny!!!

Daddy was trying to get Addison to sit on Jacob's knee - he kept saying she was too heavy and falling down - so didn't really work - but it was fun trying!!

Brother & Sister Love

Jacob's Preschool Graduation

My baby Jacob graduated from Preschool. I guess it's officially time to stop calling him my baby.....ummmm, never. We were so proud of him. And all the kids looked so cute in their "Springtime on the Farm" outfits.

Jacob with his teacher Mrs. Lorraine, getting his certificate

Jacob's 4K class

Jacob showing his skills in the program

Our little flower!!!

Addison with her daddy after the program
Proud Proud Mommy


Mother's Day & Kite Festival

Mother's Day Weekend

Jacob, Addison, Nonna, Pop & I went to Long Beach for the kite festival.

Perfect weather, perfect day just relaxing & playing at the beach

My handsome boy

Sweet girl playing in the sand

Me and my babies

Jacob playing in the waves

Having a blast

swimming in the Gulf

And Addison with some kites!!!


Jacob at bat

Addison reading a bedtime story to me

Addison ws reading a bedtime story to me. This is a picture book of some of the Galloways that Aunt Mel (Galloway) had given to Jacob when he was a baby. I love how she says "Grammy Doorrrrris"


Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Today we went to Amite Baptist for an Easter play & Easter Egg Hunt

I didn't realize that my camera didn't load all the pictures to my computer and I deleted all the pics from my camera before noticing that none of the pcitures from the actual hunt got transferred.

Pictures after the hunt

Addison counting her eggs Jacob enjoying the day Then we went to the gym for all kinds of fun stuff including face painting Jacob & Addison as cats Jacob saying "look at my cookie mom" Addison eating her yummy cookie

What a great day!


Cubs T-Ball

Jacob had his first t-ball game tonight with LOSA

His team is the Cubs

Our liitle Cubbie...

Heading to the game - Daddy, Jacob & Addison

Playing Short Stop!!

Addison not so happy watching Jacob play

Good Game - Cubs vs. Dodgers


Jacob Soccer 2011

Not all the players were there - missing 3 boys & 1 girl

At the races 2011

Jacob and Lance ready for some racing!!

one of Jacob's favorite modifieds Silly face